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Intra-uterine insemination (IUI) also known as Artificial Insemination is a process in which the washed/processed semen is placed directly into the uterine cavity with the help of a thin sterile plastic tube (catheter) in and around the time of ovulation (release of egg from the ovary).

It is one of the simplest techniques of assisted reproductive technique (A.R.T.). It forms the first basic and the least invasive treatment technique for infertility management.

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IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. It refers to the process by which a woman’s eggs are collected and then fertilized outside her womb in the laboratory.

This is done in a Petri dish (“in vitro” is Latin for “in glass”) where the collected eggs are kept and the washed semen containing sperms is added to it so that one of the sperms fertilizes the egg.

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ICSI Treatment has proved to be very useful in couples who had Failed IVF Treatment earlier in achieving fertilization or had very poor fertilization where the male partner has abnormal sperm parameters like severe oligospermia (very low count), severe asthenozoospermia (very less motility), severe teratozoospermia (high percentage of abnormal sperms) or a combination of abnormalities like oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (very low count, poor motility, abnormal sperms).

ICSI also can be performed in azoospermic men (where semen sample contains no sperms). In such cases the testis are producing sperms but due to block in the tubules or in the path through which the sperms come out from the testis, the sperms produced in the testis cannot come out.

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Endoscopic surgery (laparoscopy for infertility) is a surgery in which long telescope like instruments are used through small incisions or natural body openings in order to diagnose and treat disease. Another popular term is minimally invasive surgery (MIS), which emphasizes that diagnosis and treatments can be done with reduced body cavity invasion.

Commonly performed endoscopic surgeries in infertility management are laparoscopy (instrument introduced through the abdomen to visualize the womb and its surroundings like the fallopian tube and ovaries from above) and hysteroscopy (instrument introduced through vagina and cervix to visualize the inside of the womb). Both of these can be either diagnostic (to diagnose the cause leading to infertility) or operative (to treat the condition leading to infertility ).

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Donor Program

Donor egg program includes oocyte retrieval from healthy young donors after controlled ovarian hyper stimulation followed by IVF and embryo transfer in recipient’s uterus.

  • Obtained from young healthy donor
  • Obtained from recipient's partner
  • In Vitro Fertilization of donor egg and sperm from recipient's Husband/Donor Sperm bank.
  • Embryo transfer in wife's uterus
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The term surrogacy is used when a woman who is unable to carry her child during the nine months of pregnancy and give birth to her baby, takes the help of another woman and hires her womb (uterus) to carry her child and deliver it.

Surrogacy is gaining popularity as this may be the only method for a couple to have their own genetic child. Also sometimes the procedure of adopting a baby may be very long and drawn out, because of which some couples use surrogacy as an option of treatment.

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Freezing of Embryo & Semen

Most people call it embryo freezing, but more correctly it is “embryo cryopreservation” because the ultimate goal is to store the embryo cryogenically and to preserve its viability for future initiation of pregnancy.

Before good embryo cryopreservation protocols were available, most IVF clinics had to discard any excess embryos left over after embryo transfer. Early embryo cryopreservation programs usually had limited success. Today, more successful protocols have been introduced that have made embryo cryopreservation much more successful. Many IVF children now have younger siblings that were conceived at exactly the same time, but born years apart due to the increased success of embryo cryopreservation.

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Family Planning & Consultation

Our clinics provide confidential and non-judgemental sexual and reproductive health care.

Our clinical services include contraception, STI testing and treatment, cervical screening, pregnancy testing, abortion referrals, PMS and menopause advice, HPV vaccinations, and advice and support for other sexual and reproductive health issues.

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