IVF Treatment

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization (Test Tube Baby)

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. It refers to the process by which a woman’s eggs are collected and then fertilized outside her womb in the laboratory.

This is done in a Petri dish (“in vitro” is Latin for “in glass”) where the collected eggs are kept and the washed semen containing sperms is added to it so that one of the sperms fertilizes the egg.

The fertilized eggs (embryos) are cultivated and grown in the laboratory and after appropriate growth; they are transferred back to the uterine cavity.

Couples who require IVF treatment in mumbai include:

  1.  Women with tubal diseases like blocked tubes, hydrosalpinx, and previous tubectomy done.
  2.  Patent tubes but non functional like in previous pelvic inflammatory disease or tubal tuberculosis.
  3.  Infertility due to endometriosis.
  4.  Unexplained infertility
  5.  Infertility due to male factor likeoligospermia ( low count), asthenozoospermia (less motility), teratozoospermia (abnormal sperms) or a combination of abnormalities like oligoasthenoteratozoospermia.

Different Kind of Sperm Morphologies in IVF treatment:

  1.  Normal Sperm
  2.  Tapered sperm head
  3.  Round headed sperm
  4.  Amorphous sperm head
  5.  Elongated sperm head & sperm with double head.

The purpose of IVF treatment is to:

  • By pass the fallopian tube where fertilization normally occurs, so that we can overcome tubal factor if it is one of the factors causing infertility.
  • This is a microscopic process & cannot be documented by sonography or any other tests. This process of fertilization in IVF treatment is done in the laboratory at best IVF centre in mumbai and it is ensured that fertilization happens.
  • By removing the eggs we can know the quality of eggs which otherwise cannot be judged.
  • In male factor infertility, there might be an inherent weakness in even the normal looking sperms. These sperms cannot fertilize the egg. By doing ICSI, it is made sure that the sperm reaches inside the egg and chances of fertilization are maximized. By, ICSI it is ensured that fertilization of egg happens with the best quality sperm.

In the month prior to the IVF Treatment stimulation cycle, medications/injections are given to suppress the body’s natural hormones so that the subsequent stimulation of ovaries is better controlled.

You may be put on birth control pills in this cycle. This may seem strange – you are trying to get pregnant and we are putting you on birth control pills. Actually, though, using birth control pills before a treatment cycle has been shown to decrease your risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) and ovarian cysts and hence may improve the chances of success. It also causes suppression of LH hormone and suppression of the entire cohort of follicles so that all the follicles are in the same phase and will grow simultaneously.

IVF involves two visits:

1. One day for checkup / pre-IVF preparation

2. 15 days for IVF procedure